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by Students

This is material by students of the Work on various topics of interest. Although recommended, these items are not sold on this site.

Rita Romilly Benson
Gurdjieff Group Work
with Rita Romilly Benson
Compiled and edited by one of her students, Marshall May

Actress and dancer Rita Romilly Benson was a longtime student of Gurdjieff, acting as his secretary at the Prieure in the 1930’s, and one of the founders of the New York Foundation.This book, which is historically significant, includes many transcripts of group meetings with Mrs. Benson. In addition, there are extensive notes from the Bunraku Puppet Group, which was initially encouraged by Madame de Salzmann and continued for many years under Mrs. Benson's direction. In the words of Marshall May, “When you were with her you felt a demand to be awake and to bring yourself up to the level of attention you could tell she wished for you."

Martha Heyneman
The Breathing Cathedral
Feeling Our Way into a Living Cosmos

Mythologist and storyteller Martha Heyneman is reminiscent of Ursula LeGuin in her ability to present scientific questions with an archetypal echo. Here she explores the cosmology of Dante, Stephen Hawking, and Gurdjieff and forcibly calls for the return of cosmology or an "image of the universe" to our modern way of thinking, arguing that much of our spiritual sickness arises from being alienated from the world we are part of in its largest sense. This book is currently out of print.

Richard Sandor, M.D.
Thinking Simply about Addiction

Psychiatrist Richard Sandor's book on addiction is based on years of working with alcoholics and addicts in public, private, and teaching hospitals and clinics. It gives new insight into what constitutes full recovery, which must include a dimension beyond physical abstinence, the dimension of meaning, of a relationship with something higher than one's ordinary self.

John Shirley
An Introduction to His Life And Ideas

A general, introductory book in which the author denies expertise in Gurdjieff's ideas, claiming only that he is a student. Shirley reveals an attitude of questioning what one knows or understands that is itself a touchstone of his subject matter. He makes a case for how our contemporary situation is illuminated by the teachings of Mr. Gurdjieff.

Christian Wertenbaker
Man in the Cosmos
An Inquiry into the Ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff from a Scientific Perspective

This collection of essays, many of which were published in Parabola over the past fifteen years, are the author's attempt to understand the connection between the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and modern science. The essays provide a fresh look at the age-old question of the relationship between the inner world of consciousness and the outer world of phenomena. Dr. Wertenbaker has been a practicing physician for forty years with postgraduate training in ophthalmology, neurology, neuro-ophthalmology, and neurophysiology.

Patty de Llosa
Taming Your Inner Tyrant
A Path to Healing through Dialogues with Oneself

In this personal account of a journey of inner discovery, Patty de Llosa tells of her gradual understanding of and freedom from her 'inner tyrants.' Interested readers will recognize many of these characters in their own inner lives and benefit from her ongoing dialogues with them and the many useful exercises toward healing and wholeness.

KremskiGurdjieff:de Hartmann.jpg
Alain Kremski
Gurdjieff/de Hartmann
Collected Piano Music

This is a six-volume set originally released internationally on the Valois label. These volumes have long been out of print and are very hard to come by but worth searching for because of their unique quality. Kremski has a concentrated, adept touch which arouses attention. He has been involved in Paris groups for a long time, and has played music for the Movements.

Bob Scher
The Fear of Cooking

Bob Scher's original foray into authorship is a hearty read for anyone interested in cooking. There is information here for both new and seasoned cooks, but it is entertaining in its own right. Out of print, but worth the effort to find.

Jon Thompson
Oriental Carpets
from the Tents, Cottages and Workshops of Asia

In addition to containing diverse decorative ideas, books on Oriental rugs can reveal a whole world from the inside out. This is one of the very best general volumes on this complex and rewarding subject, containing many lovely color photos.

James George
The Little Green Book on Awakening

James George's background as an ambassador, environmentalist, and author, as well as years of practice of the Gurdjieff teaching, make him uniquely suited to bring together the scientific facts of Earth's current ecological crisis and reflections on the necessity for a spiritual practice.

Lizelle Reymond
My Life with a Brahmin Family

This is the author's first-hand account of day-to-day family life in an orthodox Brahmin family. "The home-life of my Brahmin family formed a unity from which no part could be subtracted. For a time, I had my own place in that life. Only one thing could have driven me from the family circle, disobedience to my own personal rule; in other words, had I been dishonest with myself for good or ill." After extended time living with her Brahmin family, Ms. Reymond found her way to study under a master in a remote Himalayan hermitage. That period is chronicled in To Live Within. This book is currently out of print.

William Segal
Collected Writings of William Segal, 1985–1997

William Segal, philosopher and painter, began his career as a journalist. In the 1940s, he met Ouspensky and Gurdjieff, and later participated in the Gurdjieff Foundations. After World War II, through his friendship with Daisetz Suzuki, he was able to spend considerable periods at the main Rinzai and Soto Zen monasteries in Japan. These influences flavor his outlook on life and "the art of opening," which he chronicles here in various ways. A portrait of a singular man's relationship to spiritual life, this book is currently out of print and rare.

David Ulrich
The Widening Stream
The Seven Stages of Creativity

In this book, photographer David Ulrich inquires into the nature of the creative process. "Both inspirational and practical, the author has many useful things to say to the art student, the professional artist, and all those with an interest in knowing more about the creative process, which Ulrich shows to be a metaphor for life itself." --Nathan Goldstein (from the jacket)

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