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This select group of out-of-print books includes personal recollections about Gurdjieff, his students, and the teaching by those who met him. These narratives are not for sale here but are well worth searching for.

Anna Butkovsky-Hewitt
b. 1875
With Gurdjieff in
St. Petersburg and Paris

"Autobiographical sketches of the author's encounter with Gurdjieff and his teaching in St. Petersburg in 1916 and later during the pre-Fontainebleau period in Paris...Aside from the very human aspects of her relations with Ouspensky and other members of Gurdjieff's early 'circle,' there is also significant worthy material from Gurdjieff's teaching itself. Worth tracking down."

From Internet reviews

Fritz Peters
b. 1913
Boyhood with Gurdjieff

As a boy, Peters was "educated" for four years, beginning in 1924, at the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man, le Prieure, France. In spite of questions regarding which experiences were those of the author and which he observed happening to other children who engaged with Gurdjieff, a close and intimate view of the enigmatic leader emerges from Peters's recollections: the very human man, the revered teacher, his methods, and also the extraordinary cast of characters of this specific time and place. A range of impressions surface--now humorous, now profound, never ordinary, often combined in startling ways.

The Struggle Within copy.jpg
Olgivanna Lloyd Wright
b. 1896
The Struggle Within

The Struggle Within does not mention Gurdjieff once, yet each paragraph is deeply marked by his influence. Olgivanna Lloyd Wright does not conceal the influence of Gurdjieff on her personal development or thought. As best she could, she transported principles from the Prieure in France to "Taliesin West," Frank Lloyd Wright's remote and groundbreaking center in the deserts of the American Southwest. If her husband ruled by day, Olgivanna ruled both mornings and evenings, under the influence of her distant—then deceased—master. This all but unread book merits visiting, and revisiting.

Louise Welch
Orage with Gurdjieff in America

This invaluable book details British editor and teacher A.R. Orage's life and influence during the 1920's, when he sowed the seeds for Gurdjieff's teaching to take root in America. As a student of the teaching, Louise Welch faithfully and clearly conveys the changing climate surrounding these events and her deep regard for Orage.

C.S. Nott
Journey Through This World

A continuation of the author's earlier work, Teachings of Gurdjieff: A Pupil's Journal. In addition to his relationships with A.R. Orage, both Madame and P.D. Ouspensky, Olgivanna and Frank Lloyd Wright, and others, the volume can be read as one man's story of the transition between work in "special conditions," such as the author's stint at the Prieure, and reintegration into the activity of ordinary life. What is the action of work in daily life? As one's life begins to center more and more on inner work, what is "ordinary" life?

Rene Zuber
Who Are You Monsieur Gurdjieff?

Rene Zuber belonged to the group of French pupils who met regularly with Gurdjieff throughout the Nazi occupation. His initial encounter with Gurdjieff in 1943 was not mere chance, but the result of his own long search. This human, impressionistic account is one of the few which postulates a connection between the ideas and Christian teachings.

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