CLAUDIA JENSEN DUDLEY Waters of the Afternoon

Waters of the Afternoon: A Song in Three Voices

Claudia Jensen Dudley

Includes a CD with eight songs for voice and piano.

This meditative, intimate poetry cycle explores the nature of illusion through myth and story. Through the experiences of the Hindu sage Narada, reborn as the princess Shushila, King Solomon, and two anonymous women of recent generations, we are led through "encounters with gods, men, women, battles, love, anguish. We are simply aware of all that makes us human and all that we lack to be truly human." (Jack Cain) This work also includes a moment of Shushila's story that is set for voice and piano, sung by mezzo-soprano Lori Hedrick Helfand, on an accompanying CD.

CLAUDIA JENSEN DUDLEY Waters of the Afternoon

SKU: DU 400

    Grass Valley, CA: South 40 Press, 2019

    Hardcover, 196 pages

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