The Paths I Found: Writings and Talks of D.M. Dooling

D.M. Dooling

D.M. Dooling was an influential figure in the Gurdjieff Foundation and founded Parabola Magazine in 1976. This is a collection of writings and poetry from the whole span of her life compiled by her daughter, Ellen Reynard. Of particular interest is previously unpublished articles and talks about ideas of Gurdjieff’s teaching. “Here she bears witness explicitly, and we see her engaged in the effort and suffering of applying her wide knowledge of myth and her experience of inner and outer work on the Gurdjieff path to her own growing understanding – a work each one of us must do for ourselves, on the ground of our own particular nature and the particular experiences and obligations this life hands us.”

—Martha Heyneman

D.M. DOOLING The Paths I Found: Writings and Talks of D.M. Dooling

SKU: DO 300

    Grass Valley, CA: South 40 Press, 2019

    Hardcover, 196 pages

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