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DAUMAL / WELCH Mount Analogue

Mount Analogue

Rene Daumal/William J. Welch

Dr. William Welch records this symbolic novel depicting stages and challenges of the inner search. The narrator/author, one of an intrepid company of eight, sets sail in the yacht "Impossible" to search for Mount Analogue, the solid, geographically located (albeit hidden) peak that reaches inexorably toward heaven. This recording was made during a series of after-dinner readings in Halifax, Nova Scotia. "Unlike a recording made in a studio, the presence of the audience contributes to the life of the reading. The room is alive with the concentration of all present." (From the liner notes) 

DAUMAL / WELCH Mount Analogue


    Toronto, Canada: Traditional Studies Press, 2008

    These are MP3 files, designed for playback on a computer. Compact disc, 24 files

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