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FRITZ PETERS Boyhood With Gurdjieff

Fritz Peters’ account of his five years with G.I. Gurdjieff at the Prieuré beginning in June 1924. Almost immediately upon arrival Mr. Gurdjieff tasked young Fritz with mowing the château's great lawns, instructing him to “do this thing no matter what happens” … a promise that would be tested. Within weeks Gurdjieff suffered a near fatal car crash and during his recovery the boy became his "chair carrier." Many jobs and lessons followed. Peters provides unique perspectives of life at the Prieuré and of his teacher and father figure in this engaging memoir.  Foreword by Roger Lipsey.

FRITZ PETERS Boyhood With Gurdjieff

SKU: PET 200

    Los Angeles, CA: Hirsch Giovanni, 2024.

    Paperback, 250 pages

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