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JANE HEAP Jane Heap/Notes

Jane Heap was born in Kansas and later traveled to Paris where she worked with Gurdjieff.  Her "salons" introduced many people to Gurdjieff's ideas.  In the US and Europe she was one of the key figures in promoting modern artists and writers.  She settled in London where she worked tirelessly to transmit the teaching until her death in 1964. This is a selection from Jane Heap's notes that she wrote for herself for use in guiding groups. After her death Mrs. A. L. Staveley, her student, made and edited selections from the notes which made them more accessible while preserving the direct and earnest flavor of her writing and work. 

JANE HEAP Jane Heap/Notes

SKU: HE 205

    Aurora, OR: Two Rivers Press, 2022.  Hardcover, 103 pages.  Third edition.

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