KENNETH WALKER Venture with Ideas

Venture with Ideas

Second edition, revised

Kenneth Walker

A thoroughly modern man, an accomplished and celebrated surgeon, encounters Ouspensky, and a system of ideas derived from Gurdjieff, whom he meets later. All his education and experience contrive to deny for him the very existence, let alone significance, of an esoteric teaching, but the encounter is compelling. Walker’s life story then assumes – for himself – the quality of an adventure, albeit an inner one. The author refers the reader to the core books of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff himself for an exposition of the ideas. His own story chronicles his experience working with the ideas, putting them into practice. Though brief, his vividly depicted encounters with Gurdjieff stand out, rendering another unique and powerful portrait.

KENNETH WALKER Venture with Ideas

SKU: WA 300

    London: Luzac Oriental Ltd., 1995

    Paperback, 160 pages

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