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MARGARET ANDERSON The Unknowable Gurdjieff

The Unknowable Gurdjieff

Margaret Anderson

“In this book I shall write of what he said when I was there to hear him say it; of what he taught us, how he taught it, and what effect it had not only upon me but upon my friends, since each of us experienced it differently, and each of us has written of it in her own way…Such a book is far from being a study, a portrait, a treatise, a manual or a document.  The most I hope to accomplish is an evocation; the least, a rectification which will prevent anyone from ever again having the hardihood to call Gurdjieff an imposter.  I would call this accomplishing a great deal.” From Chapter 1

MARGARET ANDERSON The Unknowable Gurdjieff

SKU: AN 200

    Arkana, 1991

    224 pages

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