Material for Thought 1974-2000 | Far West Editions

Material for Thought 1974-2000

Far West Editions, Publisher

Far West Editions was started in 1968 under the direction of John Pentland and continues to this day through the Gurdjieff Foundation in San Francisco. The periodical, Material For Thought, is one of their undertakings over many years. Here is the aim of this undertaking in their own words: "What does it mean to be practical, spiritually? Surely the real sense of community, so universally wished for, cannot exist without each of us learning to think. For this, of course, the mind must be trained to watch attentively, remember impressions and recombine them in an original way...(T)here is also needed the little boy who told the emperor he had no clothes on, an inner movement which frees the thinker himself from his self-love and passivity. We have chosen to offer essays and reviews of books dealing with psychology and man's situation on earth, as well as studies and translations on subjects including crafts and the modes of action of the human body." Some of the articles are written individually and some by a group working together. Gurdjieff Books and Music carries seven issues of Material for Thought which are $12 each. Please inquire regarding the content of individual issues.

Material for Thought 1974-2000 | Far West Editions

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    San Francisco: Far West Editions, 1974-2000

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