Two Essays

Michel de Salzmann

Michel de Salzmann was a psychiatrist and the bearer of the Work after his mother, Jeanne de Salzmann. He did not publish many writings, and these two essays have been made more accessible for the first time. Each of these essays was a talk given in California. The first, "Man's Ever New and Eternal Challenge," took place in 1975 in San Francisco as one of a series of talks where speakers were asked to contrast and clarify the purposes and methods of spiritual practice and the psychotherapeutic process. The second essay, "Seeing: The Endless Source of Inner Freedom," was part of a conference featuring a broad range of distinguished spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, scholars and writers addressing a large audience over a period of five days. The conference offered an exceptionally wide variety of perspectives on the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of human consciousness.


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    Sandpoint, ID: Morning Light Press, 2011

    Pamphlet, 50 pages

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