ROSENTHAL Gurdjieff-de Hartmann, Volume 3

Gurdjieff-de Hartmann, Volume 3 (Please note transposition between Volume 1 and Volume 3.)

Laurence Rosenthal
Among the many recordings of the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann music, few are exceptional. This is surely one of those few. An accomplished concert pianist and composer (including numerous film scores, such as the score for Peter Brooks's film of "Meetings with Remarkable Men"), Rosenthal benefits from decades of sensitive listening, as well as "practice" in the best sense of the word. The high standard of the sound studio in which these pieces were recorded adds a final, helpful touch.


This third release contains well-known titles such as "Prayer and "Despair" as well as little-known offerings.

ROSENTHAL Gurdjieff-de Hartmann, Volume 3

SKU: CD RO 203

    Oakland, CA: Intrada, 2006

    CD, 24 tracks