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TCHESLAW TCHEKHOVITCH Gurdjieff:  A Master in Life

This book has found a prominent place on a small shelf of volumes by authors who had prolonged personal contacts with Gurdjieff in his roles as teacher, benefactor, and friend.  Among the Russians who followed Gurdjieff from Istanbul to Germany, and then to France, Tchekhovitch continued to follow the teaching, as well as Gurdjieff the man.  After Gurdjieff's death, he worked closely with Jeanne de Salzmann.  Before his own death in 1958, Tchekhovitch wrote many notes about his experiences.  Here they are, leaving us many glimpses of a side of Gurdjieff that has not been fully reported.  A kindness is suddenly revealed, of a sort that we might have guessed was there, but did not see so clearly until now.  Tchekhovitch reveals how far Gurdjieff would go to help a student see some truth about himself, his habitual nature, even if it might take that student decades to fully understand.  We are extremely fortunate to have this exceptional book in English.

TCHESLAW TCHEKHOVITCH Gurdjieff: A Master in Life

SKU: TC 200

    Toronto, Canada: Dolmen Meadow Editions, 2008

    Paperback, 272 pages

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