LILLIAN FIRESTONE The Forgotten Language of Children

The Forgotten Language of Children: A Journey in Living Authentically

Lillian Firestone

This is an important and unique book which sheds light on raising and attending to children in a way that encourages them to live both practical and spiritually inspired lives. This experiment in living intentionally is the very first book that shows Gurdjieff’s unique method for raising children with integrity, courage and independence. Part memoir, part vivid accounts told by the children themselves, this book creates a new category in the literature of education and psychology.

Ms. Firestone participated in work with children begun in the 1960s at Franklin Farms and the Gurdjieff Foundation. Rather than attempting to impose any set of beliefs, the children were encouraged to search and question for themselves, To encourage harmonious growth, children would build practical skills in a wide range of areas: carpentry, cooking, crafts, theatre, music, and travel. The goal was to encourage children to face new and unexpected circumstances with confidence and courage, to think for themselves and not to be afraid. In addition to practical tasks, the children were given simple exercises in self-observation and were encouraged to become aware of an inner landscape as they worked on their outer tasks. The dual nature of this work included the adults who were working on seeing themselves as they worked with the children, and a spirit of inquiry permeated the work of those who participated.

LILLIAN FIRESTONE The Forgotten Language of Children

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    New York: Indications Press, 2008

    Hardcover, 299 pages