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ANNABETH MCCORKLE The Gurdjieff Years, 1929-1949

The Gurdjieff Years, 1929-1949: Recollections of Louise Goepfert March
Annabeth McCorkle

For many years, Louise March led a farm-based community near Rochester, New York, the "Rochester Folk Art Guild." Born in Germany, she met Gurdjieff in the 1920s, during the era of the Prieure, and remained vitally related to the teaching for the remainder of her long life. She was also the translator of the German edition of Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson. In the months preceding her death in 1987, Mrs. March worked with Annabeth McCorkle to produce this first-hand account of her “Gurdjieff years." Annabeth McCorkle had studied with Mrs. March before she and her late husband organized a center in 1978 under their leadership, also near Rochester.

ANNABETH MCCORKLE The Gurdjieff Years, 1929-1949

SKU: MC 200

    Utrecht, The Netherlands: Eureka Editions, 2012

    Paperback, 155 pages

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