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FRAN SHAW Notes on The Next Attention

Notes on The Next Attention

Fran Shaw

For many summers in the Swiss alpine village of Chandolin, Dr. Michel de Salzmann met with people interested in the Gurdjieff Work. Evident even in these recollected fragments of his talks (1993-2000) is Dr. de Salzmann’s unique ability to speak in a way that opens the listener to “the inexhaustible dimension of attention."

"Everything we need is here in us. Everything for fuller being. There is a kind of sacred descent of attention that can bring this about. Seeing the obstacles, thoughts, feelings, yes, perhaps a pressure that keeps me from it. But if I can relax inside, just allow the pure attention to flow in, be in that. Very natural. It's what we are. Attention: a sacred energy coming into me. Be sensitive to it. Recognize again and again that it is there."

Fran Shaw, Ph.D, a professor at the University of Connecticut at Stamford, met Michel de Salzmann in 1991. She worked with him throughout the last decade of his life.

FRAN SHAW Notes on The Next Attention

SKU: SH 200

    New York: Indications Press, 2010

    Hardcover, 376 pages

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