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FRANK R. SINCLAIR Without Benefit of Clergy

Without Benefit of Clergy: Some Personal Footnotes to the Gurdjieff Teaching

Frank R. Sinclair

As a young man, Frank Sinclair looked for, and found, the teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff in Cape Town, South Africa. In this brief memoir, he describes experiences at Mendham and his subsequent work under the influence of Madame de Salzmann and others. He recounts his relations with several unusual people—"seekers all"—and concludes with unusually candid "random inferences" about the place of the Work in the world today.

FRANK R. SINCLAIR Without Benefit of Clergy

SKU: SI 200.P

    LaVergne, TN: Xlibris, 2005

    Hardback or Paperback, 277 pages

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