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HENRI TRACOL Further Talks and Essays

Described as a Renaissance man, Henri Tracol (1909-1997) was a sculptor, photographer, and journalist who met Madame de Salzmann in 1938 and Gurdjieff in 1941. He worked closely with Gurdjieff until the latter’s death. Tracol traveled extensively on behalf of Madame de Salzmann, meeting with groups in England and the Americas, and served as President of the Gurdjieff Institute in Paris.

Material in Further Talks and Essays is also contained in the 2005 publication of The Real Question Remains, which is now out of stock and out of print. Quantities of Further Talks and Essays are limited.

This selection consists of material hitherto unpublished in English, together with some talks kindly provided from archives of the Gurdjieff Foundation in New York.

HENRI TRACOL Further Talks and Essays


    Bray, England: The Guild Press, 2003

    Paperback, 72 pages

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