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HENRIETTE LANNES This Fundamental Quest

This Fundamental Quest: The Journey of a Pupil of G. I. Gurdjieff

Henriette Lannes

The author was under Gurdjieff's direct influence and later worked closely with Madame de Salzmann. She led groups in London for many years. Her book contains many short pieces on aspects of inner work. They are deceptively approachable and are much deeper in content than may initially appear. While not ideal material for someone who has just discovered the Work, they bear rereading, many times. Question-and-answer sessions and other materials from her years of leading groups are included.

HENRIETTE LANNES This Fundamental Quest

SKU: LA 200

    San Francisco: Far West Institute, 2006

    Paperback, 176 pages

    First English edition (original in French, 2003). Translated by R. and S. Lipsey.


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