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WELCH Compassion for the Human Condition

Compassion for the Human Condition: Gurdjieff Meetings with Dr. and Mrs. Welch in New York

Dr. William J. and Louise M. Welch

These are transcripts of group meetings from 1991 to 1997. Recordings were made starting in 1985, with the hope that they would be useful to those with experience as well as beginners becoming familiar with the teaching. Dr. Welch and Louise Welch were among the original members of the Gurdjieff Foundation in the 1950's, with Dr. Welch becoming president from 1984 until 1997. One of their abiding questions was how to present Gurdjieff's approach without fear. These accounts provide a glimpse of the unique quality of their relationships with others.

WELCH Compassion for the Human Condition

SKU: WE 200

    Rhinebeck, NY: Epigraph Books, 2018

    Paperback, 236 pages

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