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Our bookstore is based in Portland, Oregon. Most of our books pertain to G. I. Gurdjieff and his teaching. We also sell music and other media, concentrating on the music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann.


Our summer reading suggestions are not about
Mr. Gurdjieff or his teachings, but the influence is felt.


Featured Items

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Waters of the Afternoon: A Song in Three Voices

This meditative, intimate poetry cycle explores the nature of illusion employing myth and story. Through experiences of the Hindu sage Narada, reborn as the princess Shushila, King Solomon, and two anonymous women of recent generations, we are led through "encounters with gods, men, women, battles, love, anguish. We are simply aware of all that makes us human and all that we lack to be truly human." (Jack Cain) This work also includes a moment of Shushila's story that is set for voice and piano, sung by mezzo-soprano Lori Hedrick Helfand, on an accompanying CD.


No Batteries Required

In this collection of poems, Ellen Reynard looks back on her life as she navigates the unknown currents of aging and ponders the journeys of life, death, and what lies beyond.


Take Me With You

This novel, long in gestation, describes the fateful meeting of a troubled teen accused of assault and a compassionate psychiatrist who sees the good in him. Their encounters propel both men onto separate journeys to overcome the pain and loss of their pasts, finding a place in the world. Fredrica takes a deep dive into the inner and outer lives of Henry and Dr. R., following them into their deepest fears, assumptions, and meanings, as the stories of their lives merge and unfold. (This book was written over many years after John Pentland suggested to Fredrica, “Someday, write a novel.”) 


Indigo Animal

A book that slowly emerged from the author's creative imagination, this is the illustrated story of a unique being's quest to study the essential nature of things (in this case, through attending the Lawn Statuary Research Institute) and "explore streets that lie beyond the known territory." Both humor and quiet pondering make this work work, while the graphics reveal hidden layers within the characters and their surroundings.